Lotus Elise is a good-selling car inside USA market. The car makers have announced a fresh new body with modified style for the Lotus Elise 2017.


The car is a complete package of welcoming changes. It somehow has given the idea of an appealing interior with a carefully designed cabin. Premium quality materials like Aluminum, carbon fiber, leather, and cowhide are used in its manufacture. Seats are firm and compact with a low body position and body mounts on all sides. The center console is user-friendly and easy to use. It is pleasantly outlined with an Alpine framework. It consists of four speakers, satellite radio, and CD player. The side mirrors and windows are balanced. Hand-wheel has three arms and keys. The designed has been uniquely carried out in the car.

Though the accessories are not the most powerful or most valuable for a personal drive, but however the car provides a promising and engaging drive with a lot of significant features. It creates no errors and is an amazing automobile which keeps the driver satisfied with its performance and efficiency. In terms of efficiency, it leads in this manner. The car has a new design with an appealing exterior, comfortable interior, and high technology features. It lies in the same category as the Mercedes. The car is definitely a blessing for the USA market. Its existence will be fully declared with a brand new body, sophisticated style and a bunch of enhancements and alterations all along the car.


The exterior is furnished with headlights provided with projector pillar lenses. Back side is extensive than a front. The back window is smaller. Front massive grille surrounds it with air vents for air diffusion and cooling. Below it is a spoiler. The inside receives the polished name of the model. In the lower half of center, there is a rectangular funnel. A line starts from the hood and covers the rooftop while pointing towards the back, providing perfect aerodynamics in the car body. The texture and accents outside are trendy and up to date. The car is provided with alloy wheels.

Lotus Elise 2017 Lotus Elise 2017

The present design of Elise is challenging enough and known for its muscular acrobatic techniques. It looks like a compact-sized SUV with its upside down grille and hooped roof structure. The most impressive thing in a frill moving over the middle system that provides gear-change. Carbon fiber is used extensively in the interior. The switch-gear uses ESP configurations. The pod-shaped device is used for creating the visual of a tour for track-day use during competitions, with readings of lap periods. It involves an electronic speedometer and an analog technology. The shift-gear uses LED like that of Ferrari.


Lotus Elise Lotus Elise 2017

Inside, the car receives a lot of changes and a significant interior. The concept is simple and distinct. The interior contains rugs, carpets, FM radio station, lowered chairs and carries on an unrefined spot to keep. The boot is smaller. The driving position is worth loving and the steering wheel is compact. The roof is drastically larger than before. The high-tech features inside make it spectacular for the car buyers. It also features many driver assistance and safety features to enhance the thrill of drive and make the journey safe by eliminating risks and dangers that are likely to occur during a journey. The quiet and composed cabin helps in making the journey more convenient.


Under the hood, the car will use a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that is V-8 and is capable of being mated on the new start/stop innovation. It produces 320-pound feet of torque correspondingly with a velocity of 165 miles per hour. Its top speed is 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. The car features back-wheel drive and 6-rate manual transmission and will further be offered in advancement as a crossover.


With it features, it is expected to increase sales for Lotus. The car is likely to be given in US market at the start of 2017.


There are a lot of rumors about its price which is not confirmed yet.