You probably already know that Dodge is going to introduce Dodge Ram Rampage 2017

If you are curious to know about its interior, Exterior and price, make sure you read complete article


Dodge resurrected the Rampage name at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. (source). Dodge Ram Rampage is not a traditional truck. This clean storage, something most pickups don’t have. It provides maximum five passengers capacity.

This is crazy that in addition, Dodge Ram Rampage provides cargo carrying capacity with dual-bed floor facility.

But Ram Rampage 2017 although a great pickup truck, is not as popular as other trucks in the pickup truck segment. However, it is a subcompact truck that you can own for a very low price

Dodge Rampage Concept ram rampage
Dodge Rampage Concept

The latest model of 2017 Dodge RAM Rampage is expected to be unveiled in the last quarter of this year. The Rampage is very likely going to be based on a front-wheel drive. It will only come with a full-size four-door cabin, similar to what the new Honda Ridgeline has.

Want to know the best part, Dodge Ram Rampage will come with more interior space than its competitors and a more civilized chassis so it might perfectly suit most of the current compact truck buyers.


Outside, the RAM slightly resembles trucks like those in South America and some parts of Europe. For now, only the two-door Rampage has been confirmed, although there are plans for a four-door version.

The latter should be far more practical and spacious, although the two-door version can be just as useful. The car has a typical Ram grille which is slightly updated. It uses LED lights in a manufacture of its head and tail lights. The car is based on the Strada mini-truck.

It is a two door unit with a lot of space. It will have a great looking front grille. The SUV also features a cargo bed that is multifunctional. The model is overall safe and easy to drive. The Huge grille is placed at the front and is clearly visible. Headlights look a bit outdated though but we hope Ram is going to replace them in the following few years. Overall, it looks strong and muscular.


The Dodge RAM RAMPAGE has a spacious interior. Every detail is built with care. Materials like leather and cloth are used in many details. There is a new infotainment unit on the central console which houses an optional navigation system, apps, and various controls to name a few.

The most noteworthy thing of the vehicle is its style which is one of the important things for the new Dodge 2017 RAM Rampage. The interior of this modern truck is very luxurious and stylish. The seats are going to be made of leather and high-quality fabric.


ram rampage

There is a lot of space that will provide maximum comfort. Technological features are good and the infotainment system contains all needed technological applications. Features used inside include Bluetooth connectivity, Smartphone integration, etc. Ram will pay special attention to safety systems.

Many driver assistance safety features are used inside. 2017 Dodge Ram Rampage is going to offer a lot of space for both passengers and cargo. It will be able to accommodate five people inside the cabin. This pickup is ideal for all those who run small businesses and need to transport things on an everyday basis. It ensures a safe and smooth ride for its passengers.


Under the hood, the Dodge Rampage will feature two engine options, as far as the 2017 model goes. One is a 1.4-liter turbocharged which targets the South American market. The maximum power output of this engine should be around 110 horsepower. The another option is a slightly bigger 2.4-liter engine, which is also naturally aspirated. The 2.4-liter engine should produce up to 180 horsepower and roughly 200-pound feet of torque

RAM RAMPAGE 2017 ram rampage

The transmission can be either a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed automatic. Front-wheel drive, as well as an all-wheel drive, is expected. Fuel efficiency is going to increase even further on this model. The EPA is 18 miles on a gallon in the city or 27.5 miles on the highway. CO2 emissions are also much lower. It is eco-friendly in nature


RAM RAMPAGE 2017 Price ram rampageRam Rampage base model of 2017 have a price starts from $17,000. It Is affordable enough, considering the opposition and the excellent vehicle on offer. It’s not expensive as the quality around.