2017 audi a5 coupe

The new Audi A5 2017 comes as a coupe and convertible with all-wheel drive and a comfortable cabin. Audi A5 is sleek and sporty in nature. All the materials are handsomely drawn and detailed.


The coupe offers both manual and automatic mode and can accommodate up to four adults. The lineup is one of Audi’s best-designed and best-conceived affordable luxury coupes ever. It is a car with styled cabin layout and excellent overall ambiance. Every single detail of the car is designed carefully. Both coupe and convertible model belong to Audi’s 2017 range of cars. Along with Audi A5, the high-performance S5 and RS5 are also expected to come.

Audi A5 2017

Talking about Audi A5 2017, it is one of the best-looking and most practical cars of the century, with its elegant and striking features. It is manufactured with much attention to surfaces and every single detail. It is equally handsome whether offered as a coupe or convertible. The front end has deep, open-jawed grille which seems too large and abstract, and was disliked by car buyers. Therefore, especially this year, car makers have slimmed down the headlamps and subdued the frame of the grille to give it a better look.

2017 Audi A5 coupe-EXTERIOR

Its exterior look is graceful, handsome, alluring and a bit daring. The exterior completely cooperates with the interior and truly is a perfect match for it. Its profile remains unique in the market. Audi chief designer Walter De ’Silva mentions A5 as his most beautiful design to date. The front end receives muscular haunches that make it look classy and sporty.

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2017 audi a5 coupe


The car is provided with modern details in a way that gives the it a definite road presence. LED lighting helps give the A5 a face that distinguishes it from other cars. The grille looks pretty cool and the overall aerodynamics in the car’s body is excellent. The car has an equal distribution of weight all along the body. The driver’s seat and other seats are well-positioned. Overall, AUDI has improved its designing a lot in this model as compared to its other models.

2017 Audi A5 coupe-INTERIOR

When it comes to the interior, the car feels curvaceous and super-classy from an inside, with bright work, chrome and other shiny things throughout the cabin. The cabin feels lavish and luxurious, with clean and simple design themes. Quality materials are used in the manufacture of materials used in the cabin. There is a light application of metallic trim on switches and buttons, which adds a high-end finishing to the cabin.

The two-tone leather and suede seats offer a choice of aluminum or piano-black trim. This sets the right mood for the calm and quiet cabin. Basically, it is a car for a couple with their luggage or two riders at the rear seats. The controls are lighter than those of other German coupes. Leg and shoulder space is generous. The seats are well-padded, well-positioned and bolstered with soft leather wrapped around them.

2017 audi a5 coupe


The car offers an extensive list of safety features. These features include dual front, side, and side curtain airbags, knee airbags, traction and stability control, anti-lock brakes, active pop-up roll bars and a rearview camera with parking sensors. Moreover, many luxury features are offered in addition. These include dual-zone climate control, leather upholstery, satellite radio, and USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Optional adding features are Bang & Olufsen sound system, navigation system, and iPhone integration.


It also features the latest-generation infotainment controller. Its joy-stick like controller makes it easy to control audio, navigation, and other on-screen functions. New Google Earth and Street View mapping provide some of the clearest, most beautiful renderings ever seen on a GPS.


Base models have an excellent balance of performance and pace without compromising on comfort. The car doesn’t lack styling or performance. It provides a solid performance with its standard 220-horsepower turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive is made standard.

2017 audi a5 coupe


The engine produces 258 pound-feet of torque. The base engine is stronger with a crisp throttle response. There is an optional Drive Select system on the A5 which allows owners to change steering, throttle, suspension, and transmission programming. It can be paired with variable-ratio Dynamic Steering.

2017 Audi A5 coupe-PRICE 

The car is expected to increase sales for AUDI with its magnificent features and performance. It is expected to cost $42,000-$45,000 approximately.

2017 Audi A5 coupe-RELEASE DATE

The Audi A5 will go on sale by the first half of 2017.