2017 Audi Q7 comes with a dramatic weight loss!

2017 audi q7



2017 AUDI Q7 gets a new sport-wagon look with a lot of technological features. The car has reduced its weight dramatically. Rear-wheel steering is available in the car with a plug-in hybrid version. The chassis features many advancements. The interior is finely detailed. The car uses an eager powertrain with suspension engineering, and a lowered center of mass, which helps this seven-seater to feel more serious and bolder than before.

2017 Audi Q7

Not only this, it provides an excellent quality ride to the driver and passengers and can accommodate a family easily. Moreover, families can go on long journeys or picnics with their luggage easily as the car has a good amount of cargo space and cabin space.

2017 Audi Q7-EXTERIOR

Outside, the car seems to be influenced with sport-wagon like looks. It has a more pronounced profile than before with a more prominent beltline, and a canted roofline. A single-frame grille with thick crossbars is present with arrow-shaped plus DRLs. The large hexagonal Audi grille and LED lighting give a clear branded look and significant road presence to the car.

2017 Audi Q7

The exterior of the car has the main focus of wagon-like look and lesser on the SUV-like look. The dimension is almost alike the first generation Q7, but the new Q7 wears them in a sleeker, lower, more modern package giving it a more sophisticated look. Overall, it is a complete package of looks and performance.

2017 Audi Q7-INTERIOR

Inside, the car features a horizontally oriented instrument panel theme, with a cockpit-like layer of controls. The shift knob and center console are finely detailed, with the Multi-Media Interface (MMI) touchpad and controller. In front of the driver, there is a version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit with a sophisticated display.

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2017 Audi Q7 

The car offers a lot advanced safety features and a full set of standard airbags. These features can help avoid accidents or backing into traffic and keep you at a safe following distance or even keep you from opening your doors into cyclists. Or in other words, it is a technology powerhouse in terms of features. Its Virtual Cockpit display system and MMI infotainment system both have their own powerful T30 NVIDIA graphics processors. Audi has brought in better voice controls and integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


Under the hood, is present the power train of Audi Q7- a 3.0 TFSI supercharged gasoline V-6, which produces 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. It is expected that a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4, while both a new TDI diesel Q7 as well as a Q7 e-tron Quattro model are likely to arrive next model year, with more than 30 miles of range on a charge and 0-60 mph times of under six seconds. The engine of the car delivers excellent performance and makes the car look unique in its segment.

2017 Audi Q7

2017 Audi Q7-PRICE 

The car gets a starting price of 89 000 euros in Europe. Paying additional costs can help you get additional features like LED head optics, Bang & Olufsen, 1920 Watt power sound system with 23 speakers, an entertainment system for rear passengers (two android tablets), 22-inch wheels and set of 24 different safety systems. The US pricing is not specified yet.



The car has released in Europe in spring 2016 recently, however it is expected to hit the USA showrooms by the end of 2016.