2017 chrysler pacifica limited



The new Pacifica replaces the Town & Country and is expected to replace the Dodge Grand Caravan soon. Its line-up includes LX, Touring, Touring-L, Touring-L Plus, and Limited models. All the models are built in Windsor, Ontario. A plug-in hybrid model is also promised to arrive by the end of the year 2016.Chrysler Pacifica 2017

It uses the same nameplate that the Chrysler Minivans used. The car is completely new and has nothing similar to previous models of Chryslers. It offers an amazing package of performance and luxury. Its chief rivals include Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited-EXTERIOR

Outside 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited has a slim look. The front end has a sleek nose and the side glass is trimmed in bright metal. The sliding doors cover their tracks under the rear windows. The door line is placed low to provide ease to drivers. The front pillars bend inwards at the base of the windshield. Downwards on its sides, it outlines a big glassy cabin in bright chrome and angles back its rear pillar at a relaxed angle.Chrysler Pacifica 2017

The sliding side doors are hidden as much as possible. The size of wheels the ranges up to 20 inches, and they strictly emphasize the sporty stance. Hybrid models get a different grille pattern and unique wheel designs. Overall the car looks bold and blunt. The rectangular and relentlessly boxy shapes are histories.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited-INTERIOR

Inside, the car’s dash folds beautifully around the front passengers. The detailing is carefully carried out. The dashboard features infotainment screen. The steering wheel uses a thin rim of metallic trim. It is a bit more curvaceous and sculpted with linear elements that make the cabin look outstanding.Chrysler Pacifica 2017

The panoramic dual-panel moonroof over the front two rows and a fixed-panel one over the third row, add brightness to the interior. Moreover, the cabin seems quiet, provided with a lot of high-tech features. Many safety features are also provided for driver assistance and help in making sure a comfortable, thrilling and safe ride. Premium quality material is used in the cabin, and weight distribution along the body of the car adds perfect aerodynamics.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited-ENGINE AND PERFORMANCE

Under the hood, a 3.6-liter V-6 engine is present, that turns out 287 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque. The output sounds pretty cool. It is further matted to a 9-speed automatic transmission, with stop-start that saves fuel in city driving. A new front strut and rear trailing-arm suspension are present to aid in driving.2017 chrysler pacifica limited

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited-PRICE 

The car is expected to hit dealerships in the spring. Plug-in hybrid variants will follow up later on.  The official price of the car is not announced yet by the automaker, but it is expected to be slightly expensive than the 2017 Town & Country which starts at $ 29,000. The higher trims will be fully equipped and the pretty expensive due to extra high-quality` features. The model was recently shown at the Detroit Auto show.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited  RELEASE DATE

The car will go on sale later by the end of 2016, as a 2017 model.