2017 Ford Atlas


Ford is the renowned automotive industry in the world. When we see in Ford’s portfolio, the most prominent place occupied by pickup trucks, among them the key place hold Ford F 150. At the Joe Louis Arena press conference back in 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Ford introduces a concept version of the next-generation F-150 pickup truck that was named as Ford Atlas.

Ford Atlas Concept

The excellence of 65 years in F-Series legacy and 36 successive years of sales leadership, Ford is once again staying well ahead of the game by acknowledging its customer’s experience and ideas as inspiration. The client needs a secure, efficient and reliable partner that’s always ready for anything. The Ford Atlas Concept is the ultimate solution for them to get the job done and do what they want.

Let’s take a look at Ford Atlas in the detailed overview.

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior

2017 Ford Atlas was introduced with

  • Double-deck front lights.
  • A muscular front fascia with a rectangular grille which is quite wind-resistant.
  • The roof is made of glass, and the trailer will be having the electric outlet of 110 V.
  • The doors have a big chrome mask of them, and there are plenty of utility parts all over the car making it that much useful.

Sideways from double deck fronts lights, in addition to the solid front fascia with considerable rectangle-shaped grille totally nothing enormous transformed in contrast to its precursor Ford F 150. That grille would be extremely wind resistant. It will be equipped with a glass roof that makes it more open and gives a sense of wildness. There would be a bunch of points for put up the ropes for challenging adventure.

Ford Atlas 2017 concept will all be based in an aluminum HVAC system making it lighter. It would have five doors and the trailer also equipped with an electric outlet of 110 V. Front will entirely be covered with large chrome mask. Like the concept, the production model may also feature larger 22-inch rims to go with the highway tweaked suspension system. The truck may also receive some unique design cues such as different wheels and even all new paint schemes.

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2017 Ford Atlas Interior

The interior of the 2017 Ford Atlas is quoted refreshing, and one can see that they have come a long way compared to what the concept model looked like. .When it comes to the interior, new 2017 Ford Atlas comes with a quite refreshing interior in the black and gray shade. The driver seat is made ideally comfortable, having soft natural leather.

The eye-catching interior design will come with black and gray shade. The seats would perfectly provide comfy, possibly with soft natural leather. Interior would be illuminated with blue light. There will be a digital video camera which would apprehend the whole place about the car similarly cargo cradle.

At the front part of the cabin, there is a large touch-screen display, whereas, in front of the back seats, there are touch-screens followed by some other interior features intended for the passengers’ enjoyment.

For the safety features, it will be offering the pretty much standard features and optional adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors and a lane-keeping system. These are standard safety options. However, more devices and details should be known with first official specs.The next generation of Ford Atlas 2017, of course, comes equipped with air-conditioning, different web link choices, and the New Noise audio system.

2017 Ford Atlas Engine

The main purpose of Ford is to form it a lot of power skilled and fuel effective vehicle than the active model. Hence, the new vehicle comes equipped a V8 intense 5.0-liter engine to furnish it with most extreme 360 H.P. and the maximum amount torsion as 380 lbs for each foot. Fuel effectiveness is accomplished by brushing this motor with a six-speed mechanical transmission. At the purpose once contrasted with its forerunner, the 2017 Atlas achieves the sixty mph speed speedier within 8.1 seconds.


The automaker has hinted at making serious modifications to the engine that will improve its performance, fuel efficiency, and pollution rate figures. Expect EPA figures of around 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway.

Safety and Security Profile

Ford Atlas will keep you less worried about your safety and security when riding in its new pickup truck. It will achieve this through equipping the vehicle with safety and security features such as:

  • Hill start assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Trailer sway control
  • Lane keeping system
  • Hill descent control
  • Blind spot monitors

2017 Ford Atlas Release Date

Earlier it was hinted to release production model to hit the roads before the end of 2016. But it did not happen yet. Whatever the main result might be, officially we are going to see it around the later part of 2017 when the car hits the market. The interest of potential customers in Ford Atlas concept is fabulous; customers have to be compelled to contribute a base whole of $ 21,000 to buy their favored Ford truck. The largest amount you can pay for the car is $51,000. This, of course, will be the price of the well-furnished trim.

2017 Ford Atlas Price

Starting from $30,000 or $35,000 with $50,000 base price for the higher trim