The 2017 Infiniti QX30 review tells that it is a small crossover with the luxurious interior and turbo-charged engine. It is designed in such a way which helps in sports handling .


Using accelerator and brakes, it allows the car to parallel-park itself.The cabin has soft, leather-wrapped surfaces, buttons, switches and a sharp set of analog gauges.It shares its evolution with the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, GLA-Class, and A-Class hatchback.The 2017 Infiniti QX30 review tells that it is an all-new model with a high beltline. Its dash design is really rather unique with a screen at center. The dials and color display of the driver are all clear and easy to read.


It is a complete package of navigation, entertainment, and smart-phone-connected features. It includes a 7-inch touch-screen, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, voice composition, playback of text messages and e-mails, and an optional 10-speaker audio systemSafety technologies include a rear-view display, lane departure warning, a blind spot monitor, and forward collision warning also.These make it safe to drive it.

However, a few limitations include limited rear passenger room, cargo space on the small side, poor visibility and limited rear passenger roomThe door aperture is small and the low roofline means you’ll have to stoop your head low to avoid banging it as you climb in.The same goes for the boot, which has a small aperture .This makes loading larger items a bit difficult. Once inside, the rear seats aren’t particularly accommodating. It never feels all that spacious. In addition, the footballs are quite small. While the steering is light and easy to turn, it doesn’t offer enough lock, making driving in tight spaces also a difficult task. The electronic parking brake takes an age to release itself automatically. Infiniti QX30 really needs to work on its c; the current system is slow, unresponsive and tricky to navigate

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Infiniti hasn’t announced pricing yet. So according to the Infiniti QX30 review, if you want a small SUV, and something a little more unusual, then you must definitely go for the Infiniti QX30 which will promisingly turn out to be the right choice and the most thrilling one.