audi s5 2017

The new Audi line-up brings the quick, handsome and stunner new S-5 with a sharper handling.


Audi S5 is a complete masterpiece whether the matter of concern is its interior or exterior. The precise steering, adept brakes, sharp handling and performance of engine all count up to make it noteworthy. All-wheel drive is standard with a six-speed manual transmission. However, the convertibles get a seven-speed automatic which is optional on the coupe. The car is gorgeously styled, and the over-all performance is outstanding. It comes as a coupe and cabriole. Both are best-looking and best-performing luxury couples in the Audi line-up.

audi s5 2017


It is a perfect match for those who are in search of striking a balance between sportiness and sophistication; it covers both the aspects with confidence. The cabin is upscale and roomy featuring an infotainment system that remains among the easiest to use. The S5 is closely related to the outgoing predecessor generation of S4 sedan and adds stronger performance, sharper looks, and more exclusive technology features as compared to the Audi A5. The price is, of course, higher too. S5 is the sporty version of the latest edition A5 coupe. The car carries authority, luxury, and comfort at the same time.

Audi S5 2017-EXTERIOR

The exterior look of the car is attractive but no longer fresh. It has classic rear-wheel-drive luxury-coupe proportions with all-wheel drive as standard. The sculpted design is brought to its best with accent trim, some blacked-out details, and special available Black Optic 21-inch wheels. The switchgear seems a bit excessive or cluttered, yet all of the materials and finishes are still lively and of good quality. The overall look of S5 is a cool look that carries enough elegance for all sorts of situations. The design of the car has a host of subtle notes, starting with the 3D wave line across the car’s profile.

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Audi S5 2017

Audi took the power line that cuts from head to tail and gave it a twist. It’s now a sharp crease that flows from head to tail of the vehicle and is even incorporated into the gas cap. Its hood gets a similar treatment, with a dome sculpted with subtle air channels that make the coupe look speedy at a standstill. The air vents help in the better diffusion of air. Flared wheel arches give the car a wider, more lowered appearance that further helps in maintaining its sporty look. Overall, the car looks much classy and sporty.

Audi S5 2017-INTERIOR

The interior is highly comfortable with high performance. The versatility continues from driver’s seat to the rear part. Power distribution is excellent. The all-wheel-drive system helps a lot, starting with a power split that sends 60 percent of the power split to the rear wheels which helps in handling and allows all-weather ability. Brakes are strong enough, and the powerful engine sounds great. Some features are missing, however, including some of the accident-avoidance and active-safety wizardries that are available in more recently updated models. The offered features by the car include dual-zone climate control, leather upholstery, satellite radio, and HD Radio, Audi dynamic steering, adaptive cruise control, and an excellent Bang & Olufsen sound system.

audi s5 2017


Safety feature set of the car includes knee airbags; active pop-up roll bars in the Cabriolet; and a rear-view camera with parking sensors. The cockpit of the S5 gets packed with features without adding tons of clutter. Light-weight materials are used in the manufacture of the cabin. A panel of brushed aluminum or carbon fiber runs across the dashboard, and another runs up the center console. This looks impressing. Android Auto and Apple Car Play are also featured by the car.



Under the hood is present the 3-liter turbocharged V-6 engine in relation with a brilliant 4-liter, twin-turbo V-8 that powers the mighty RS-6 and features direct injection. It shares its origin with S4 and is launched with the S5.

audi s5 2017

The single twin-scroll turbocharger reduces weight, cost, and complexity. The overall output it produces is 349 bhp from 5400-6400 rpm with 369 pound-feet of torque.


Audi S5 2017-PRICE

The pricing is still unannounced but Audi has given hint about the pricing of the Audi S5 2017, which is expected to have a starting price of $53,100.


The car will go on sale in Europe roads by the end of 2016.