The battle between automakers these days is for better fuel economy. BMW is a top German brand known for producing high-performance vehicles which consume less fuel and less tail-pipe emission. Its Efficient-Dynamics technology is helpful in finding only those vehicles that are fuel-efficient. To show its latest efforts, BMW recently brought media to its test facility in France. Not only this, BMW is also looking forward to use high-performance, but light-weighted material throughout in making of its vehicles.


There are far more than great minds in this world. But when it comes to automobiles, then its pioneers come from Germany. BMW has always impressed the buyers by its wonderful looks and latest modified features. The term “classy” really matches it, as it is a complete package of luxury. With the advancements in technology, BMW has kept its good image and fan-following to the sky limits. Talking about its latest technologies and innovations, many features come in our mind like iDrive, Steptronic, Navigation system etc. Let’s have a look at a few of its innovations.

  • BMW has introduced an Anti-Lock Brake System using which the vehicle remains under control even after applying full force brake. It uses movement of braking pressure on wheels to control the car. Thus, it stops wheels from locking, no matter how is the road surface and friction


  • Using Dynamic Driver, the vehicle stays all in balance. This uses active stabilizers on the front and back axles. Thus, it manages the balance working together with the acceleration and position sensors. It produces noteworthy balanced reactions. Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function helps in driving comfortably in heavy traffic. The system keeps your vehicle at a constant distance from the other one. It automatically applies brakes when the traffic stops, and moves on when the road is clear. In addition, BMW Active Hybrid model has advanced energy management and is more efficient. This is all due to BMW Twin-Power Turbo-engine.
  • The active safety features of BMW ensure your safety while driving in critical situations. This is done with a finely-made system handling engine, brakes and tire control. Active steering helps in perfect handling and comfort in driving under all situations. It has an integrated gear-set. Furthermore, the Adaptive drive stops and controls the body from body roll in curvy and rough paths. It ensures a comfortable and stable journey no matter how many bumps or curves you face. Adaptive headlights help to focus on the road and cast their beam in the direction of the curve. This makes sure the safety and visibility during night journeys.
  • Adaptive Transmission Management system judges your driving style and automatically selects the right gear for you. This is done for avoid unnecessary moves and drive smoothly in city traffic or fast speed. It derives the input from accelerator and engine.
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  • Automatic Air Conditioner helps you enjoy a comfortable temperature inside the cabin. Thus, it maintains a good atmosphere and good ventilation. Automatic Differential Brake helps in making best performance on difficult road surfaces. It offers same function as mechanical brake without any loss of efficiency. Auto Start Stop function turns off engine when the car comes to a pause to save fuel. This is a clever and smarter approach.
  • BMW Connected Drive links the car and the driver to the world outside. It makes sure you know what’s happening in the outside world. This assures feeling of safety and comfort. USB audio interface allows all current audio players like apple, mp3 players to be integrated into the system. Car-to-car communication system allows your BMW vehicle to communicate directly to other vehicles on the road and deliver information about traffic and road conditions.
  • Control display helps you to access information of all types during driving and presents a overview of functions that can be controlled using iDrive controller. Electronic immobilizer is very important in the manner it protects the car against theft and asks for individual key code. If the key code is not accurate, it prevents the car from being started, thus ensuring maximum safety. Climate comfort windscreen helps to keep a comfortable temperature by reducing the effects of sunlight, thus making the cabin more comfortable and cozier.
  • BMW Online makes you more informed and up-to-date using online mobility services. Thus providing you with all the necessary information you need while driving. MDrive helps driver to program functions of his own preference and use speed dialing. Black Panel provides clear overview of necessary details the driver needs.
  • Rain sensor and light sensor ensure that you enjoy the journey. No matter if it is raining outside or the sun is shining at its peak. It offers maximum comfort. The windscreen viper is activated and the headlights come to function when required. Steptronic makes your driving more pleasure by shifting gears with an automatic transmission. Telematics gives you information when you want and whenever you want it. It provides information about your path, destination and other useful travel information.
  • Voice control system is activated and provides easier way of operating different functionalities. You just have to remember the term or keyword which it detects whenever you speak. Thus, it performs the desired functionality within seconds. Like you want to turn the volume up or change the channel etc. For perfect balance and posture, 50:50 weight balance system activates and helps in balancing. This keeps an ideal distribution of weight along the vehicle.
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All these features make BMW unique and different from other vehicles, no matter how high its prices may be. Prices definitely match the high-quality cabin and features present in this car. These technological advances ensure safety and automation features that can help all the drivers. Especially for those drivers that have poor eyesight or driving issues. So, we can infer that no longer there will come a time when cars will eventually become driver-less, most probably in 10-15 years. Driving will no more be a difficult task on rough and curvy roads. Instead, drivers will enjoy it with more modified features as in case of BMW.