The FORD ESCAPE 2017 is just ready to rock the car world with its amazing speculations and versatile looks.


It is a best match for the drivers who want sporty performance, and is among the best seller car in America’s cross-over lineups. Like other 2017 Escape models, Ford Edge has a fresh style, modified features and new engines. These engines are more efficient and consume less fuel. In 2013, most significant revisions of edge series were released.  The changes in styling enhance the demand of the ford edge SUV car. The console at center increases the storage space and has electric buttons on it. With its attractive look and stylish interior, it manages to distinguish itself in the category of small cross-overs.

In addition, it has good power, tons of technology and safety features, and intuitive controls. The exterior is bold and interior is user-friendly, along with a pair of Eco-Boost engines and new features. Ford escape made its debut in 2001 when single-digit crossovers were offered in US market. Escape managed to stay at the top of the sales. In 2015, RAV4 and CR-V brought best sales for Escape series. About 306,492 Escapes were sold by Ford in 2015. The sale kept increasing exponentially and made Escape the best-selling Ford SUV followed by F-150. Ford makers also say that it is the best nameplate for Female buyers. The refreshed 2017 is about to go on release.

Moreover, it is better than Toyota RAV4 which is slower and costly as compared to it. Also, it is better that Nissan Rogue SV which is boring and suffers transmission issues, and Jeep Cherokee Latitude which is not efficient to handle. Ford Escape manages all drawbacks of these vehicles in an efficient manner that’s why it is more demanding these days. It simply blows the competition when technology and innovation is concerned.

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The 2017 Ford escape offers a complete package of style, utility and sportiness and is one of the best crossovers. Talking about how it looks, it is basically a tall wagon and a sporty one. The way it drives explains why it is a successful vehicle. It has bold styling with a cleaner, crisper and modern appearance. The front and back side of the car features latest LED head and tail-lights. Moreover, it is manufactured from light-weight Aluminum that saves its weight and does not increase the over-all weight of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the car has Canyon Ridge, White Gold and Lightning Blue finishes. The sport appearance package is also available on SE/Titanium models. The front side features horizontal lines surrounding a hexagonal grille. There is glossy silver-work on the upper and lower grilles, sides of windows, mirror caps, roof rack and back-side. The 2017 Ford Edge cross-over also has 19-inch Ebony black wheels.


Inside, the car looks bold and heavily styled. The cabin looks airy with a lot of head and leg space. Along with sleek exterior, the car has a very spacious interior. The front seats are sleek and have a large space for two adults. The tall body and flat floor result in an increase in the cargo space. In addition, the back seats can be folded to increase the cabin space. There is a power-hatch button using which you can open the bumper by just swinging your foot under it. The car features a three-spoke steering with five buttons cladded on it. The wheel is wrapped with leather and has a white cross-stitching. Sport package includes shifter, cloth sport seats with vinyl and leather bolsters.

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Cabin has leather tops on instrument panel. The dark theme of it looks cool to eyes. Out-board vents also have a new shape and push air into the cabins. There is a large arm-rest too. Features inside cabin include the new electric parking brake, climate control panel and USB jack which charges device two times faster. The FORD ESCAPE 2017 also has additional features related to safety and infotainment like Sync3, Android Auto, Apply car play. Driver assistance features are also made available like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with brake-support and lane-keeping system. Furthermore, the new Sync-Connect lets you access the vehicle from a far place through apps installed on your smartphones.


It has a 168 horsepower 2.5 Liter engine with 6-speed automatic transmission In case of SE and Titanium models, it has latest 1.5 Liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that produced 179 horsepower. The top engine is 2.0 Liter EcoBoost with twin turbo-charger that makes 245 ponies. Both engines feature latest technologies. However, the base model has the same 2.5 Liter four-cylinder engine producing 168 horsepower and 170 pound feet of torque.
It is expected to release by the end of 2016 with starting price of $23600.