Ford Focus RS 2017

Excellence performance, decent drive and fine handling with incredible pace are the things loved by buyers. Ford Focus RS is on its way to fulfilling all these demands while being adjustable and fun to drive!


The all-new Ford Focus RS is the suitable substitute for money when it comes to hot hatch-overs. It shows a complete balance of performance and reliability in many ways and can even be used for a daily routine purpose. In many ways, it shows that it is a complete package of trustworthiness and can be idealized. It is engineered in Germany and assembled in Spain, based on Ford’s C-Platform. RS in its name stands for Rally Sport.

It follows a completely different principal. Ford has used high technology engineering solutions to produce RS and provide the ability to handle a larger amount of power with a smaller and lighter body. The car is perfectly able to tackle such scenarios.

The upcoming car is already popular and a hot talk these days, along with the handsome style and power efficiency it is going to come with. Car buyers and hatch-lovers are eagerly waiting for the 2017 Ford Focus RS to hit the showrooms. It is unique in its style and can compare to no one in its category.

Talking about the history of Ford Focus, Ford first introduced RS in 2002, reviving the Rally Sports Badge. Almost seven years later, the second generation of Ford RS arrived with an even more refined look and a five-cylinder front-wheel-drive.

The current Ford Focus 2017 is the third generation RS with an innovative all-wheel-drive system (AWD). It covers the flaws and drawbacks of all the previous generation Ford RS models. The car will be manufactured in the same German Plant as its predecessors. Also, it will be the first RS model to be sold in US and all over the world. Its Eco-Boost engine has been redeveloped to produce a larger amount of power and torque.

Ford Focus RS 2017-EXTERIOR

Outside, the car is quite attractive and pretty aggressive. The manufacturer has carefully designed every single detail of the car with perfection and expertise. It is definitely a big achievement for Ford that car buyers are already recognizing it as the king of the block. Exterior of the car receives big wings, aggressive front splitters, and scowling headlights. Three colors are standard: Shadow Black, Frozen White, and Stealth Grey. Spend an extra $1000 to get the amazing Nitrous Blue color.

The black 19-inches forged allot wheels come as standard and look gorgeous so nobody gets even bothered about the lack of choice in wheels. The wheels are wrapped in ultra-sticky Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 tires, which are particularly known for fire-breathing sports cars and resistance, as seen on the new BMW M4 GTS. To manage good mechanics and systems, there is an option for drivers to choose whatever driving mode they want.

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The wheels are wider now, with a size of 19-inches and using alloy in their manufacture. Wheels provide a smooth and safe drive with efficiency. Coming towards the back end of the car, it features a huge aerodynamic diffuser that increases its down-force and results in a decrease in the drag coefficient. The diffusion is further supported by the twin exhaust tips on both sides of the car. A rear massive roof spoiler completes the look of the car. The new Ford Focus RS looks ready to be flicked with a special rally stage.

The front end looks much aggressive and offers a nice view of the inter-cooler. The large outboard openings on both sides help the brakes to cool down. The side body of the car is the typical RS style, with wider wheel arches that are exclusive to the model. The back design dominates with a massive aerodynamic diffuser that helps the car achieve better downforce during reduction of drag coefficient. All-in-all, it looks like a balanced package of business with daring and bold looks and was revealed in the same Blue paint as that of Ford GT Concept in Detroit Auto-Show.

Ford Focus RS 2017-INTERIOR

Talking about the interior of the car, the story inside is a bit different. The inside resembles that of Ford Focus ST model with minor updates and few RS badges all around in the car. Performance gauges are still present and tend to perform the function they are meant for, unfortunately, the cabin is a little cheaper in feeling. The seats are perfectly comfortable and still possess the practicality as promised by a regular focus car. The back seats can accommodate two adults and the boot is large enough for a weekly shopping or housing a pram even.

The infotainment system features a Microsoft-powered 8-inches touch screen system that does the right job and can even be use Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The interior is much sport with numerous racing features.

The seats inside are the Recaro sports seats. However, there is an option provided for buyers in Asia and Europe for the RS Recaro shell seats and wrapping them with authentic microfiber fabric panels.

The car also features a flat and lowered steering wheel that is compact enough. There are numerous RS Badges all around in the cabin. The sports pedals are made of allotting and extra instruments are clustered on the top of the center console. The center console also displays oil temperature, oil pressure and boost pressure.


Ford Focus RS 2017

The SYNC Connectivity is offered as a standard in the car. It gives access to satellite navigation, smartphones, audio system and climate control system through voice recognition system and through an 8-inch touchscreen. The SYNC system even directs you to the closest race track available nearby. The interior is overall based on racing features.

The performance inside continues with RS theme and features like partial leather upholstery and heavy bolstering, unique instrument graphics and gauges, and turbo boost pressure. The infotainment system facilitates the audio and other controls, with a 10-speaker Sony audio system as an optional feature and a rear-view camera. Optional packages also include full leather seats, 8-way power adjustable driver seat, heated front seats and a power moonroof.

Ford Focus RS 2017-ENGINE

The engine is a single drive powertrain. The unit will be similar to the Eco-Boost engine in that of Mustang. The engine will be a 2.3 Liter four-cylinder engine that produces 345 horsepower and 324-pound feet of torque. Furthermore, it will be paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox that sends power to all wheels. The engine has a fuel economy rating of 20 mpg on both road and highway drives. Moreover, it also features a torque vectoring all-wheel-drive system that makes it run from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The top speed of the car is 165 mph. whereas, the towing capacity is up to 3,234 lbs. when fully equipped.


The Ford Focus RS sends its power to all four wheels with an additional weight of dual-clutch transmission. One of the biggest highlights of driving it is the noise. In standard mode, it is not that much loud and doesn’t even disturb your neighbors. However, switch to the Sports mode and all of a sudden it begins to crackle and pop and every gear change feels like an epic battle with a lot of noise emission.


The all-new Ford Focus is arriving in dealer showrooms in the spring of 2016, with a starting price of $36,605 which seems economical. The price includes the destination charge which is $875. The car is a welcoming one with a high-performance character and is an ideal car for many enthusiasts and upcoming cars in the car world.