Jeep has got many plans for the JEEP WRANGLER 2017. Jeep will increase its production capacity by 50 percent after the model is introduced.

For about six months the current one will be produced along with the new version. The all-new jeep offers a variety of features that make it a good reason to appear in your buying list. It is a moderate and capable off-road American SUV. It has new features and is a fun-to-drive vehicle. The styling is carefully done with no mistakes. Ride quality is good especially on the highway. The interior lacks enough sound materials.

The JEEP WRANGLER is not that much different from its predecessors. In fact, there is not a single vehicle in its own series that can compete its off-road powers. It offers a unique interior and exterior styling with traditional mechanical underpinnings. Its first full model since 2007 will also improve fuel efficiency.

There will be no change in dimensions that is noticeable, the two and four door body styling will be used. There will be solid axles at both front and back part of the body and under the metal sheet, new components will be featured. These components include engine, transmission, chassis. A pick-up truck version is also available.

There is a possibility that it might use aluminum frame components to decrease weight and fuel consumption. A few special-edition models are also going to release but it is too early to say anything about it. The pick-up versions will be available with an extended body and four conventional doors. If you are a die-hard fan of off-road vehicles then you don’t need to miss the 2017 JEEP WRANGLER.


It also is similar to the military vehicles used in world war 2. Wrangler is a unique car but competition is not that tough. There are fewer cars of this type so WRANGLER is lucky to have a few competitors. Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Subaru Forester and Toyota Tacoma are its competitors. Moreover, this car is ideal to drive on rough areas and long summer trips. It is coming in two trim levels. These are regular wrangler and unlimited with three core trims: Sahara, Sport, and Rubicon.

Looking at the pictures, we see that it is not much different from its 2016 predecessor model. There are some minor changes and refreshments but it is not easy to tell the difference at first glance. In its manufacture, the car uses lighter materials reduce its weight and have a better fuel consumption and economy. The car-makers chose aluminum for this purpose as there are many other examples of off-road vehicles using aluminum for reducing weight.

The goal is to reduce weight by 700 lbs. Hopefully, the goal will fulfill soon. The new model has nice exterior. the car features redesigned grille and headlights. Headlights have LED technology. Optionally bi-xenon headlights are also available that provide super illumination in dark areas. Exterior paint is different now. Also, there are present 16-inches wheels, skid plates, metal doors, full-size extra tire, and a big gas tank. The look of the vehicle is unique. The headlights turn around to give a chunky touch. Grille has seven bars, doors are removable and aerodynamics is sound. The vehicle will come in car world as world war 2 military cars were present.


Coming towards the interior, the interior looks refine and eye-catching. It has a number of features and technologies that make it different from its predecessor, along with the availability of optional features for those who don’t mind spending extra money on the purchase. Some of the accessories include cruise control, auxiliary audio jack, height adjustable-driver seat, CD player, dual zone climate control, USB port and a media player interface. The steering wheel is compact with leather-wrap around it. Cabin uses premium quality materials in its manufacture. Seats are comfortable. Also, driver assistance features are present to help the drivers take a comfortable and safe ride.


Beneath the hood is the engine. The JEEP WRANGLER has a 3.6 liter V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower and 260-pound feet of torque. The maximum towing capacity it offers when fully loaded is 3500 lbs. The information related to fuel economy estimates will release closer to the launch of the model. All models will use 87-octance regular-grade fuel.

The basic structure will remain the same, however, the biggest mechanical change will be automatic transmission. There is a choice of 6-speed manual or 5 speed automatic. All models should come with a part time four-wheel drive which includes low-range gearing for off-road. Up-level models should offer a rock-track system which can handle torque at severing road conditions like climbing over rocks and moving at sharply inclined areas.

The model will release by the end of 2016 with starting price of nearly $25000.