Latest Technologies in cars

Latest Technologies in Cars will be the biggest challenge to the cars of future. All these technologies basically target dangers while driving. Manufacturers are doing work to minimize risks while driving and make the cars more advanced.

The competition between car brands is getting tougher. Honda, BMW, Nissan, Ford and many other car brands are about to release their new car models having latest technologies that are just amazing.


bmw latest technology

BMW is the name that needs no introduction. It always impresses its customers. Its coming series is The BMW 7 Series, which will have the following technologies:

  • BMW Display Key will pull your car in and out of the garage. Once the car settles, it turns off automatically.
  • A new LED display that lets you zoom-in on your map and dial phone numbers.
  • Hand gestures will operate the car so you can keep your eyes on the road. You can even take phone calls and change volume.
  • You can also talk to your car using the voice-recognition system. Your car will exactly know what you’re talking about.
  • A wireless charging station will help you charge your phone when it runs out of battery.
  • Rear seats of the car include a table in the middle panel that flips up to hold your food, laptop, or anything else. It also includes an Android tablet which is also a remote control for 24 different functions within the car.
  • The Sky Lounge appears during nighttime driving. It has 15,000 tiny light patterns to illuminate the car in dark.
  • The BMW 7 Series comes with eight different fragrances to choose from, including water and plant fragrances
  • BMW’s Laser-light technology covers nearly double the distance of LED lights and which also works on curvy roads.
  • Grille on the front of the car actually serves an environmental purpose and lowers the fuel consumption.
  • BMW Connected-Drive comes with a lane-keeping assistant, a traffic jam assistant, and a steering and lane control assistant that keeps you in your lane for speeds up to 130 miles per hour.
  • Executive Drive Pro feature keeps the car in perfect balance.
  • Other new technologies include internet access, real-time traffic information, and the 24/7 concierge service, which can answer any questions you have, or help connect you to local sites. It can even help you book a hotel.
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honda latest technology

Honda is one of the most known names in the engine technology. The car world is always watching to see what Honda does next.

Furthermore, together with Honda’s 1.6-liter diesel engine and hybrid technology, 3 new turbo engines are applied to a number of future models. Honda’s latest technologies in upcoming models are listed as follows:

  • The Eco Technology boosts up the fuel efficiency.
  • The autopilot will allow for hands-free driving on highways.
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System will scan for objects in front of the car. If it thinks a collision is possible, it automatically signals the driver.
  • Lane Departure Warning system will use a camera to detect the lane markings. If the car is moving out of its lane, it beeps and warns the driver also. It normally works when the car is at high speed.
  • Forward Collision Warning system will use the camera to scan for objects in front of the car. If an object is detected, it beeps and also flashes a warning light.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control system will use radar to keep the car at a  distance from the other car. If the vehicle in front of it slows down or stops, the system alerts the driver and slows down the car.
  • Drive-by-wire technology will create a better driving experience.


ford latest technology

When we talk about digital technology, Ford has a big name in it. It has recently introduced amazing cars with these features:

  • Ford and the F-150 are once again leading the way in digital technology and working on Human-Machine interaction.
  • In addition, global research and development initiative is also taken to accelerate light, durable EV battery
  • Using a specially -equipped instrument, Ford, in addition, is also planning healthcare named as Medicine-in-motion.
  • Furthermore, Ford is thinking of Silicon Valley to work on the future of mobility.



Mitsubishi is a well-known auto-mobile company that has proved its worth in recent years.  The technologies used in its latest vehicles are:

  • Leading-edge technology will automatically stop and start the engine when the vehicle stops or starts.
  • Electronic Control system engine combines maximum power output, low fuel consumption, and high performance.
  • The plug-in hybrid vehicle will greatly expand the driving frequency as an electric vehicle.
  • CVT technology continuously controls the diameter and changes the gear ratio.
  • ECO indicator display will support ECO driving.
  • Flexible-fuel vehicles will run on gasoline and bio-ethanol.
  • Clean-Diesel Engine will lower fuel consumption and combustion noise also.
  • Deceleration Energy Recovery system will charge the batteries using power generation by deceleration.
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Nissan is doing wonders with an introduction of its latest vehicles. The technologies used in them are

  • A new innovation of gasoline engine uses variable compression technology, to choose an optimal compression ratio for combustion.
  • Intelligent park assists technology that allows drivers to easily park their vehicles using automatic steering paired with a system that indicates the target position.
  • Safety Shield Technologies monitor, respond and protect the driver to ensure safety.
  • Predictive Forward-Collision Warning technology detects sudden deceleration two vehicles ahead, and also gives an audio and video warning signal on the instrument panel.
  • Also, there is Blind Spot Warning technology detects another vehicle in the blind spot area and a beep indicator appears in the door pillar.
  • Parallel parking is now made easy using Rear-View Monitor which also helps you gauge how close you are to objects.
  • Moving Object Detection technology gives you visual and audible alerts if the system detects moving objects near the vehicle.
  • Furthermore, the Front and Rear Sonar System beeps when it detects objects near the bumper.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System monitors tires for low inflation pressure, which can shorten tire life.


This is just a brief summary of technologies in these cars. However, there are many other cars which are waiting to be explored and are featured with latest technologies.