Radical is a British brand known for manufacturing its giant killing racing cars. RADICAL SR3 SL is one of them. The company was made in 1997. First of all, sports cars were introduced which could be used on roads in daily routine. By reputation they are reliable for the drivers to put up a great show without any fear. Most of its sports cars are legal to drive. Radical was once quite well-known in car world, then its name disappeared off the screen. SR3 SL was definitely the best come-back for RADICAL.


Radical introduced the car RADICAL SR3 SL for those who want a track-focused car that can be used on road too. The term SL in it stands for Street Legal. It is not the first street legal car, but it is surely the first to be designed keeping road in mind rather than track. It’s all new, thrilling and exciting and faults in it are minor in nature. Overall, it is one of the most appealing cars we have ever driven on road. However, to make it better, changes like sharp throttle response and modified brakes can be introduced in it.

Based on its fame, SR3 SL has made a few modifications to offer more comfort level for its users, it has introduced twin-bucket seats, optional windscreen and a massive spoiler. It made its debut in Frankfurt Motor Show and earned attention of many sports lovers and car buyers. Not only this, it is one of the most exciting and fastest vehicles. It includes a six-speed paddle shift transmission and cockpit having seats, mirrors and lighting. Its cost is slightly higher due to its increasing demand and popularity in the market. It can travel 160 miles per hour approximately.


Talking about its exterior portion, it has proper door mirrors that electrically adjust inside the cockpit. Furthermore, an actual handbrake and a simple single-buckle harness is also available. Its size has been reduced to stop disturbing the pedestrians. Twist key and press-buttons are provided to help in operating it. In addition, it is a pure single-seater with a digital instrument pod and a bottle-top steering wheel. The car’s reaction is fast to avoid any potential problems while driving. Overall, it is styled and built to look purely like a racing car with full body aerodynamics.

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It has an F1-style paddle gear and a set of street-ready tires. We can call it a track-toy in other words. It has decreased weight and enhanced power. You can also have your name written on the sides of the cockpit if you think yourself as a professional driver. Visually there are some significant changes. The radius around the front-splitter and cockpit edge has been increased. The back wing is much narrow so that it cannot reach the body edges. It looks out to be less fast thought literally it is faster than other car models offered by its brand. Changes do occur beneath the car’s glass-fiber bodywork.


Same like exterior, its interior is also designed in such a way so that the weight is minimum. Features do not enhance its overall weight. Instead these features add more functionality to the car. However basic comforts like Air conditioner etc. are not the priority of the car, if you are looking for these comforts then you are not looking for the right car as it has features that add to the sportiness of the car. Moreover, it also features padded seats and a lot of toggle switches. Moreover, a kind of vintage cockpit is also present.


SR3 SL accommodates two people. The engine starts with button and clutch is light with all-round disc brakes and tiny brake pedals. There is no need to use clutch at all but can be used to increase the smoothness of journey. If you are still worrying about fuel economy, then maybe you are looking for a wrong car. It offers a lighter financial burden despite of its light weight than its many other rivals. It managed 14.2 mpg average during its test which is not bad.



It has a new turbo-charged unit with twin-independent variable cam timing and six-speed gear box. It is register in European and other countries too. RADICAL SR3 SL is available on roads with a throttle and advanced engine system. The car is close to LE MANS CAR on road. The overall vehicle weighs only 675 kg. For those who want to experience the RADICAL SR3 SL, Radical offers race pack, featuring options like engine calibration map selection, Racing bi-plane rear wing and racing tires options which really sounds to be a fascinating package for car lovers.


Its bigger capacity engine makes it distinctive from other Radical models like Ariel’s Atom V8. The tires are road friendly and offer support and grip to the vehicle aerodynamically, while keeping the overall balance equally distributed along the vehicle.It features a 2.0 Liter engine producing 300 horsepower. Throttle response for the engine is also very food. In ideal conditions, its manufacturers claim that it can reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and 100 mph in 8.4 seconds. Moreover, its top speed is 161 mph. Talking about its price, its price is $107,000 which is not cheap. Price for the base version of 2014 is expected to start at $95,000.

Once you become used to it, you can make it dance on roads confidently, so buy it if you want to drive with fun!