Tesla is an American automobile company that manufactures and sales electric cars. Recently in May, a news came about a driver in Florida, who was killed when his Tesla hit the side of a truck. The vehicle was reported to be on autopilot. Not only this accident, but recently many drivers have complained about Tesla’s automotive features that have lead to several accidents, though the reason is not the autopilot case always.

Tesla has put the term “autopilot” back to its Chinese website after the mishap in drive-assist technology. The website now uses this term followed by a phrase “Zidongfuzhujiashi”. This is English means “automatic-assist driving”.

On asking why this was done, the company reported that it was removed “by mistake” while modifying translation across its official website. However, reports before showed that Tesla had intentionally removed it after the accident.


The autopilot feature of Tesla has now come into inquiry and as a serious discussion due to its malfunction leading towards serious accidents. The basic purpose of Autopilot was to keep the vehicle driving at a certain speed without crashing or disturbing other vehicles, and within the lane markings, properly following the traffic rules.

But, when it comes to the case in Beijing, a recent crash occurred when the drive-assist feature even could not help out the vehicle from crashing into the side of a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road.


According to Tesla’s statement, the driver’s hands were not on the wheel, which is a necessary condition for the condition to go on autopilot. However, the driver defends saying that Tesla had promised a lot about securities related to Autopilot. They are not sure about the feature they are providing not the drivers.

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On Monday, Reuters, An international news agency in London, reported that Tesla had removed the word “Autopilot” from its Chinese website just a night before, which somehow shows a connection between the two events. Tesla denied it, saying that they had been working on the translation part of the website and addressing to confusions across various languages. Tesla has not shown interest to go under further explanations, though the matter is still under consideration and cannot be neglected as nothing can compensate the loss of putting human lives at risk.