The car maker of Tesla has decided to upgrade the model and introduce it with more refinements. Tesla roadster is its recent manufacture, which, as explained by the head of Tesla, can run up to 640 kilometers without charging.

Tesla Roadster 2017 OVERVIEW

The upgraded model will increase its maximum speed and many other characteristics. Though the other characteristics are not known yet. The car gains a hundred kilometers in just 3 seconds after its launch. This proves that in addition to styling up gradation, the car has also increased its speed. The all-new car will be built on the fresh third-generation platform, which is the shortened version of that architecture developed for model S. Most noteworthy is that the car helped to strengthen the reputation of an electric car in the world and increased sales for Tesla. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk said, “The Roadster made General Motors to develop the Chevrolet Volt, we tried to change the automotive industry and we succeeded.”

Tesla Roadster 2017 EXTERIOR

The changes introduced in the car include a new platform, increasing performance and speed, and more range. According to Tesla’s plans, it is going to increase its range to bring us a massive output. Tesla wants to become the largest car seller by 2020 and 2017 is the proof of its efforts. Along with the new car, Tesla Model X and Tesla model 3 are almost ready and on their way to go. There is also a possibility of a Tesla compact model to be developed soon. Fans expect a little more from Tesla Roadster. With the development of battery factory under its way, it seems like Tesla is well-executing its decided plans.From outside, immense changes are expected in the car to change its look. The front of the car has a curvaceous design that we can see on the sedan S model.


The hood has two ridges, which start from the headlights, go around the windshield and gives more accent to the front fenders.

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Tesla Roadster 2017 TECHNOLOGY

The headlights and tail light feature the latest LED technology. The shoulder line is set to such an angle that increases the aggressiveness of the car. The back end has some creases below the shoulder that bring more angle to the car. Look-wise the car is enhanced with back fenders and haunches that are raised a bit higher to increase the aggressive look. The tail of the car has same proportions like the front nose, but the bumper has more ground clearance than the front part. Also, there is two bulges present which rise and form the back seats and head rests. This gives us the idea of the presence of roofline which helps in maintaining good aerodynamics within the car body. In fact, these two details make the car look more organized than it actually is.

Tesla Roadster 2017 INTERIOR

Interior of the car is going to be a mixture of luxury and technology. The car is going to add many functionalities than the previous model and this one is going to be a unique one. Premium quality material like Nappa leather and some upholstery material are used inside in the manufacture of the car’s cabin. The cabin is spacious and features a lot of high technology advancements. Aluminum trim, polished zinc and optional carbon fiber are also seen in many accents. Under the optional list, we are going to see some new color pallets as well.

Tesla Roadster 2017

The technological part is enhanced with a massive touchscreen on the center console. The infotainment system is modified with new options which were not seen in the predecessor model. Many features like smartphone integration,

  • WIFI connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • USB connectivity
  • The navigation system
  • HD quality cameras are used inside the car that increases the quality and luxurious environment of the car.

Tesla roadster is trying to copy new technologies in it as much as it can. An art sonar system is also expected which allows the car to drive itself. Though it is risky but if made with extreme care, then can create wonders in the car world. This is the hottest talk these days and everyone is excited to see the new feature in the car.

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Tesla Roadster 2017 ENGINE

There are many assumptions about the power train of Tesla Roadster 2017. A lot of speculations are made. The Tesla S model is going to get driving mode, better than Insane driving mode. Whereas Tesla Roadster is going far beyond and introducing a new driving mode which exceeds and suppresses the previous one. Model S could reach to an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, whereas Roadster is expected to accomplish this in just 2.5 seconds which sounds extremely good. Also, there are plans to add a lot of range and variety to the car.

 Tesla Roadster 2017 BATTERY

Thanks to its all-new battery which is going to be developed soon and increase the car’s efficiency. It will be equipped with a powerful engine that produces 248 horsepower. And it is supplied with affordable and smaller battery pack. The battery technology is made at Giga factory and is estimated to reach 400 miles per charge. The car is going to be a bit costly in accordance to its technological features. The current S model costs $125,000 which gives us the idea that Roadster is going to have a price beyond $150,000.  It expands speed with its new technology and battery pack which is its prime goal.

Tesla Roadster 2017 RELEASE DATE

The release date of the car is not revealed yet and is still unclear, though we expect it come at the end of 2017.